Increase Your Audience Reach And Engagement With Viewer-Contributed Videos

Today, everyone wants more video. Video is the most effective communication medium: viewers retain 95% of a message when watched in video, compared to 10% when reading in text (Invisia).  Todays’ broadcasters and TV stations all know that viewer-contributed videos, preferred by 78% of  millenials over professional content (Social Media Week), deliver positive bottom line  impact by:

  • Driving higher engagement

  • Broadening awareness

  • Increasing viewer loyalty

Integrate Opus Digitas To Deliver, Engage and Attract Viewers with UGV

Incorporate Opus Digitas into your content strategy! Easily and effectively scale and extend your content inventory by leveraging authenticated (#REALVIDEO) user-generated videos.  Opus Digitas is the most comprehensive UGV management platform with in-app solutions, providing innovative workflow to collect, curate and circulate user-generated videos.  Broadcasters and local television stations use Opus Digitas’ end-to-end UGV workflow to:

  • Create instant market reach with compelling viewer-contributed videos

    • Transform viewers to video contributors for local news, sports and weather

    • Increase viewer loyalty by creating more engaged audiences

    • Increase monetization with more video views, longer per view engagement

  • Immediately extend your video team and scale content and reach

    • Reduce time and cost of video production

  • Quickly authenticate, secure rights and prepare user-generated video to air:

    • Geo-lock and time-restriction with in-app upload

    • Built-in rights management process automatically guarantees usage rights

    • Online content editing accelerates time-to-air

Reduce UGV Complexity With Opus Digitas: Quickly Collect, Curate and Circulate

Opus Digitas’ streamlined workflow enables you to easily leverage audience/viewer generated video content. Specific features of the platform help broadcasters create and distribute location based content at scale.


  • Collect live or scheduled, invite specific users or groups

    • Geo-restrictions/locks

    • Clip duration limits, per user clip limits

  • Built-in content curation tools and capabilities

    • Online clipping, merges, transitions

    • Annotations, closed-captions

    • Built-in usage rights transfer process

  • One button publish and circulation to multiple destinations:

    • Web

    • CMS

    • Social media

    • Video portals

    • Cloud storage

Easily Integrate Opus Digitas With Your Current Online Video Platform

With Opus Digitas, your organization will see a higher impact from your entire video platform,  and at a lower cost. Maintain organizational focus on your core broadcasting and station activities;  let Opus Digitas instantly scale your video team by including thousands of engaged video contribors, whose content is unique and authentic.

Opus Digitas fully integrates to most leading OVPs, and has readily available in-app integrations that provide instant access to your captivated, engaged viewer base. Our full SaaS model is available as a pay-per-use or as an annual contract.  Contact us today to scale your video investment and improve your ROI, without deploying additional tools, acquiring new users, or making huge infrastructure investments.  

Ready to cut the complexity of UGV creation, management and distribution?

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